Dr. Alaa Assem, MD,MBA

Alaa Assem has over 20 years of experience working for fortune ---100 bio --- pharmaceutical companies including Lilly, Wyeth and Pfizer. Alaa served in different roles of increasing seniority across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in sales, marketing, medical affairs, clinical research, regulatory, compliance and government affairs. Alaa has a depth of experience in regulatory and government affairs; successfully supporting the registration and pricing of new innovative products across therapeutic areas; managing clinical trials in the MENA region in accordance with highest international standards; running several educational/CME programs; and speaking at industry events and science congresses. His diverse industry experience and extensive knowledge of the region is reflected in a strong network of key stakeholders and a deep understanding of the MENA Business environment and culture.

Alaa is currently based in Cairo,Egypt.
Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Khalil, BS,MBA

Mohamed Ibrahim has over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry including experience with Fortune 100 bio--- pharmaceutical companies like Lilly and Novartis, and as founder of Al Andalous Medical Company. Mohamed began his career in microbiology and pharmacy, and has extensive experience in pharmaceutical marketing and sales in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. Following his work for multinational companies in Europe and the MENA region, Mohamed first opened a private pharmacy (Al Andalous Pharmacy) in Egypt in 1997. He subsequently founded Al Andalous Medical Company (AMC) in 2001, specializing in sales and marketing of neuro---psychiatric and dermatology products, and now manufacturing it’s own range of products at the Al Andalous Medical state of the art manufacturing facility. Most recently, Mohamed has launched Al Andalous Pharmaceutical Services (APS) together with Alaa Assem, and also joined with another partner to launch the Hope Medical Company, focusing on the marketing of products for drug addition treatment in Egypt.